Friday, May 7, 2010

"I Wanna Rock (& Bowl) Right Now! -The Mother Of All Bowling Parties

Okay so SUNDAY (May 9th Mother's Day) is just days away, so I felt it was necessary to hip you to the "Game" (pun intended) on exactly WHAT IS going down, if you plan on attending. So take a moment to get a pen (now it's iCal on your smart phone I guess) and jot down these pointers so you can get the most out of this FREE(!) event.

1) "Rock & Bowl" starts @ 6pm, however Brooklyn Bowl doors open at 12 noon. It's 21+ w/ID once our event begins.

2) The performances originally was to start at 8pm. However the 11th hour addition of actor Malik Yoba (of NY Undercover & Why Did I Get Married 1&2 fame) has confirmed that he WILL be performing(!?!) as well! So 7pm is NOW the showtime! Don't miss that folks.

3) BK Bowl has 16 lanes in total. and it's $20 per half an hour on Sundays. Lanes go pretty quick, so arrive early if you're looking to bowl! Wear socks for those icky bowling shoes that they give you. Ewww!

4) We're expecting a HUGE turnout! Reasons being that this was promoted EVERYWHERE in all the media outlets! Secondly, each act has their own devoted group of loyal followers. We'll have at least 4-5 B'days being celebrated that night. AND must I remind you, I just mentioned MALIK YOBA will be in the building! So nuff gal a come out to see mi brethren! PLUS Brooklyn Bowl get's their own crowd of Sunday regulars on top of ALL THAT! So once again come EARLY! We KNOW it's Mother's Day and all, but s#*t bring ya Momma if ya have too! LOL! But please DON'T bring the kids! Especially if they're not mine!

5) NO outside drinks and food! They have the 3 star Blue Ribbon restaurant in house PLUS two bars sooo...You're good on that.

6)We'll have the Block Association's step and repeat set up w/ Stephanie O'Conner doing photo duties through out the night capturing the moment. Tips ARE welcome! (Wink)

7) In between the acts and immediately after the show, the Block Heads (DJ Trauma & Frei) will "Go In" turning the event into a straight PARTY after the concert is done. So we will more than likely go till 1:30 am if the vibe is looking RIGHT and folks hang out to stick around.

8) Between the times of 8pm till 10pm whoever has the highest bowling score will get a "swag bag" full of goodies courtesy of the Block Association & our affiliate boutiques.

9) Remember though this IS a FREE and casual event, don't come out to attend looking...well...just WRONG! Dress like the inner rock star that you are! "Spunk Punk" it up and have fun wit' it!

10)Lastly free LIL' WAYNE! What? I'm just sayin...

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