Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Rumors Social Club!" -Let's Clears Thing Up A Bit Shall We?

Just the other day, a friend whispered to me that there was some weird rumor going around that the event THIS SUNDAY ("Holiday In") was at quote "Some small Irish pub" unquote. After holding my stomach and folding over with laughter, I answered "HELLLLL NO! You joking right?" It then dawned on me how LOST folks can sometimes be. Without simply asking the source (in this case a Block Association member such as myself), she wasn't gonna come out thinking it was true! We do 300 (! Spartan) plus parties, why would we do an event in a small as pub, let alone invite folks out (at $10 a tix) to one? ANYWAYS, I felt was my unofficial duty to make things officially known. So I'm posting some interior pics of what you should come to expect, if you plan on attending. So others like her are not blindly mislead. LOL it's all good, there's folk that didn't believe in Jesus too. LOL.

"Holiday In" -the Best Memorial Party In Recent Memory
Parlour -247 W. 30th St. (betwn. 7th & 8th ave.)
Music by the Block Heads
(the M Report, Ahficionados, Soundproof Hybrid)
Hosted by Silky Valente'
Admission $10 adv. tix $20 at door
Dress Summer time FRESH!

For advance discounted tix please contact subject/ I'm staying in

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