Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Tin Man & The Lion (Heart)"-Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood Review

I WAS gonna sit down and write out a long detailed review about both movies and thought to myself...Why? Both were equally disappointing, so if you STILL want my opinion okay then here it is...RENT'EM! It's either that or wait till they come out on Blu-Ray, or better yet watch'em on a long flight to WHERE EVER you maybe going in a few months. Both get 3 out of 5 M's! Real talk!


DaƩ Lovely said...

i actually thought robin hood was decent. the previews were a bit misleading (folks thought they would see more robbing i bet). but, i enjoyed the history on why/how he was outlawed. and, i'm a romantic, so the love story within the movie made it all the more interesting ;-)

Anonymous said...
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