Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Holiday! Celebrate! Come On, Come On!"-A Memorial Weekend To Remember!

YESSIR! We're just days away from the "game changer" of a party called "Holiday In!" Trust me, we put this thang together with your best interest in mind. Cause think, come Sunday folks who are in town (especially w/friends) are gonna start sniffing around to find out WHERE are the good parties happening at. ALL the usual Sunday night weekly events will be both OVER-priced & OVER packed! WHY oh why are you paying $100 or more dollars and that's just to get IN! No bueno dude! So at $10 for adv. tix, at a BRAND NEW (sexy mind you) spot, with 3 DJ sets, and a gorgeous crowd is NOT asking for too too much is it? Thought so! And if it is then...I don't have any words for you sister/mister!

If you're in need of some $10 adv tix...I GOT YOU!
Email to set up drop off for tix asap theMreport@gmail.com

Or purchase on-line @ http://holiday-in.eventbrite.com/

Also these fine Brooklyn based boutiques
the Brooklyn Circus- 150 Nevins Ave. (corner of Bergen St.)
Private Stock -458 Bergen Street (718) 230-0055
LaVedette -43 5th Ave. (718) 638-6090
Pedigree - 45 Willoughby Avenue (718) 355-3010

Sun. May 30th
the Block Association presents
"Holiday In" -the Best Memorial Party In Recent Memory
Parlor -247 W. 30th St. (betwn. 7th & 8th ave.)
Music by the Block Heads
(the M Report, Ahficionados, Soundproof Hybrid)
Hosted by Silky Valente'
Admission $10 adv. tix $20 at door
Dress Summer time FRESH!

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