Monday, May 24, 2010

"Brooklyn's a Hard Act To Swallow!"-Who Spike (Lee) 'd The Punch?

Say WORD! Now it's bad enough that Brooklyn is the largest consumer of Henny (Gray Goose, Patron, Red Stripe and Heiniken) NOW thanks to a collabo with Spike Lee, Absolut vodka is naming yet another (limited edition) alcoholic product after the world famous borough! Said to be flavored with notes of red apple (a homage to"the Big Apple") and ginger, priced nice at $24.99, bottles are to hit stores this week. And will be on shelves for about four months. When asked just HOW did this concept come about, Spike said "Honestly, I was upset and puzzled on how in the HELL these Tyler Perry movies keep becoming #1 at the box office all the damn time! So out of frustration I turned to the bottle, and that bottle was Absolut. I had an "A ha!" moment and got on the phone and made it happen! I came down to me & Jay (-Z) repping the brand for Brooklyn, but he's serious about that Ace of Spades stuff right now so..." Now friends whom I know that's tried it say "It has a unique taste, that quietly sneaks up on you, and grabs you by the throat. And makes you wanna give up your wallet, jewelery and your cell phone!" Or have told me "Yo! That s**t's STRONG yo! It'll have you pissing in a project staircase something serious SON!" Well...ummm...okay, THAT'S Brooklyn for ya, and I'll drink to that! Drink it responsibly. ESPECIALLY in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn, we go HARD! And that's exactly how we like our drinks! LOL!

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