Friday, May 21, 2010

"I'm Into Ass-trology, What's Yo Sign?"-Back That Thang Up Like A Computer File!

Times are always changing huh? I remember when I was once YOUNG and HIP and knew all the slang on the streets these young bloods were kicking to one another. But in this age of texting, the Internet and blogging, the "lango" changes MUCH quicker than before. Here are the latest example of exactly what I'm referring to. Maybe you knew this info already, or you're just as LOST as me. LOL!

"Dumb Ass" -doesn't mean you're intellectually challenged any more! A "dumb ass" is in reference to when a woman walks past you and her ass is so NICE(!) that you lose your chain of thought as you're speaking. In other words, you "dumb out!" Also it can mean when the sex is SO good, you start to do dumb s**t to keep her ass around!

"Smart Ass" -You WOULD think that it would mean the total opposite of the first, but nope, you'd be wrong on that one. A "smart ass" is a chick that finally figures out that she just getting used for sex, or as a trophy piece in the club, and "smartens" up and gets wise to yo lies! It CAN also mean a woman that's hip to the maximus attention her gluteus gets and uses that to her advantage. What a "smart ass!"

"Ass Backwards" -Now this one shouldn't be so hard to figure out right? Well if you're still guessing, "ass backwards" means when a girl gives up sex early on (early is ummm like few days or a week at best) in the "relationship" then wants you to "wife her up" or play "trick daddy" on her, when you're REALLY good now! It's like spending BIG money on a state of the art home theater, only to play bootlegs or VHS tapes on the screen! That's "ass backwards!" You can't, repeat, CAN NOT be a jump-off for YEARS to a guy then...oh you get the point damn it!

"Funny Ass" -Well this describes those types that are iffy about having sex. One minute they're ALL over you, then in the the next instance, they're like a small room with the refrigerator door open, the AC on high, and the ceiling fan blowing...ICE COLD! So if you ever over hear some guy talking about how this girl he's dealing with is a "funny ass chick yo" trust me, he's NOT talking about her jokes! It's NOT all!

Okay, now due to popular (& high) demand, I just HAD to re-post this picture again! So question fellas, what type of asses do you think THESE are then? LOL! Talk amongst yourselves, but loud enough so I can hear!

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