Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Throne Watching!" -Samples From Watch The Throne

I you KNOW me or you've been following the blog, you should know that I'm an avid collector of original samples! You can sorta say it's my hobby. So now being that Watch The Throne is tearing up the airwaves I thought it would be only right if I dug deep to uncover some of that albums samples. So here's just a start of some I came across I hope you dig as much as I do.

CASSIUS -"I Love You So"

THRONE's -"Why I Love You So"

NINA SIMONE -"I'm Feeling Good"
THRONE's -"New Day"

OTIS REDDING -"Try A Little Tenderness"

THRONE's -"Otis"

THRONE's -"The Joy"


Kid Dakota said...

Don't forget Flux Pavilion, I can't stop

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Damn! I DID forget that didn't I my bad Kid...BTW keep doing ya thing!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"