Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Get Into The Party Life" -Keep Rising To The (Roof) Top!

Yo it seems like EVERY week I got some good news to share with you guys about some next level s**t that will take your social life up a couple notches. If you didn't get the memo (or the email, text, tax, etc., LOL) then by all means keep reading so you can bring yourself up to speed on the "goings on!" Pen ready? Let's commence!

FRIDAY Aug.19th
@ "the Living
-602 Pacific St.
(bet. Flatbush & 4th)
Music powered by The Block Boys
(DJ Trauma, DJ Frei, & Danny Ocean)
Kitchen menu open all night!

Chicken wings & finger ($6 each), Fried shrimp ($8),
Wraps (buffalo, chicken caesars, veggie, shrimp) ($6-$10)
Crab cakes ($12)

Wine ($5-$8) a glass
Draft beer ($4-$5)
Bottled beer ($4-$7)
Signature drinks ($7-$10)

Then Saturday night if you were planning to meet us over at the Empire Room, change that! Cause will be setting up camp this Saturday at the World Bar (located inside Trump Towers)

"Private Stock"
@World Bar -845 UN Plaza (Bet 47th and 48th) aka Trump Towers
open bar from 10-11pm
LIST ONLY! (NO cover)
RSVP names + guests to
ASAP ! Names +# of guest MUST be on list

Now that those are out of the way here's a few more "save the date" mentions that I NEED to alert you about!

Mon. Aug 29th
"Prim & Proper"
Our Elegant Dinner for the Socially Mature

Yeah man start calling yo tailor NOW for this one man! Co-hosted by Vibe this will be the summer end dress up affair at the upscale Beauty & Essex restaurant lounge that EVERYONE will be yapping about! Birthday celebration for Jason Smith Jr. (the Journ3y Men) PRIVATE INVITE ONLY! subject "All dressed up..."

Now hear THIS s**t...

1st Friday Sept. 2nd Labor Day Wknd is the return of...

the Reggae & Rap Edition Roof Top Party + the GRAND OPENING of the W Hotel's Aloft Lounge!

This will be the second #FYC! party! Labor Day weekend! On a roof top at the W...OH GAWD! Classic hit! Plus it's FREE just RSVP now to
subject: #FY(B)C!

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