Monday, August 22, 2011

"Two Angry Birds Tweeting In A Tree!" -On-Line Beefing, But It's All Gravy!

Rarely am I ever on Twitter much. But usually when I do get on it, it's to post links to my blog (yeah the one you're reading as we speak) that day, or to shout out my crew's (@theBlockAssoc) movements event wise. However I been hearing lately about the latest celebrity trend of "beefing" via Twitter. So I thought, "Hey why do the celebs get to have ALL the fun? I'm a pretty witty guy, let me make my tweets more engaging than just party posting!" So I made a slick remark aimed at @Jourdainracing and before you know it #FakeTwitterBeefFridays was born! If you missed it, here's a recap of our "heated" exchange of words that won us new followers by the end of it all. Tell the kids to leave the room if you're reading this aloud. It gets pretty RACY! If we've offended anyone...F**k Yo Couch!

S/O to for landing that head designer job at Steve Harvey's suits for men! Hope the money's worth it!

S/O for getting job at Disney World as Jimmy the Critcket

is the ONLY dude I know that looks like Nicki Minaj from the waist down!

You and MC Hammer have a joint bank account...BROKE!

Planters Peanuts is looking hire you as the mascot!

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