Friday, August 26, 2011

"Black Excellence, Truly Yours!" S/0 To My Fam!

Being that there is no other news happening other than the debate about cancelling the roof top party tomorrow
because of the "Noah like floods." I decided to take the time to put the spotlight on my fam's latest accomplishments in recent weeks.

First up is baby girl Tiara Perry who if you were paying attention was in the Uni-Qlo Flagship Store recruitment ad that ran in yesterday's amNY paper. Kudos to you! Get that!

And speaking of Brooklyn girls, our home girl Aisha Hinds scored ANOTHER magazine cover w/ the August issue of Heart & Soul out on newsstand as we speak! So clap clap bravo to that as well man, she steady getting WORK!

And lastly but never least our adopted fam Jason Smith Jr. will be toasting his life so far on Earth this Monday with a HUGE dress up affair injunction w/ VIBE magazine that folks will copy and talk about for many birthdays after he pulls this off w/ a SMASH!

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