Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.258)

MAN! I've been "constipated" with work, so I apologize for having you in limbo waiting for a picture you maybe in. But honestly it's summer and a ni**g's trying to LIVE! IE late nights, early mornings, ray ray ray, this that and the other. So when you see me please know that I'm not carrying luggage those are bags under my damn eyes from lack of sleep! I'm even nodding off while I'm writing....I'm writing...I'm writing...sorry! See, dosing off as we speak. Anyway enough of my rants I FINALLY got a chance to post some joints up from (deep breath) Vinnie's Style BBQ, Voodou Lounge on Nostrand Ave, a b'day pool party at Jimmy (at the James Hotel), a Gary Grant/Black Essence event at Hotel Indigo, Sundays at Sugarland in BK, the Block Boys "toast to life" at Beauty & Essex, the Ft. Greene Fest, RSVP at the Bryant Park Hotel on Tues., "Sweet & Vicious" at the Empire Room on Saturdays, a Petals-N-Belles fund raiser at Hotel Chantelle, and something else I'm probably leaving out but mistake. Ol' man s**t. If you see someone you know in these batch of picture share the link w/ them. Pt.2 come soon mi yout! Spread love is...

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