Monday, August 1, 2011

"Back In The Days On The Blvd of Linden..." -ATCQ Movie Review

Question, do you consider yourself a TRUE Hip-Hop aficionado? Do you STILL get "musical goose bumps" when you hear the opening chords of "Awards Tour" or that other Tribe classic "Scenario?" If you answered "YES!" to just one of these questions, then you BETTER tell me "Yep, seen it!" when I ask have you checked that Tribe doc that's out. What did I think about it? I'd say without question "GO SEE IT!" And here's why. As a ATCQ fan you HAVE had to have been scratching your head wondering just how did the groups demise come about? What and (even better) WHO Jarobi was in the group. And WHAT was the driving force behind all those unforgettable funky jazz samples that were the Tribe's signature sound? All that is answered in this film. However this is NOT a Tribe (the group's) film. This is a movie about Tribe the friendship! And how being a good leader requires GREAT listening at times. It's a "Bromance" if you may say, about one of the best rap units in the game. I'm not sure if it was all marketing, but the "con"-troversy before it's release about Tip not feeling the end result of his on screen portrayal, may have been helpful pushing folks to go see it! I gotta add this one to my DVD collection (YES I still but those) one it's released, it's a "must watch." I'm giving it 4 out of 5 M's

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