Monday, August 15, 2011

"Reach For The Sky!" -Hotel Roof Top Party Revenge!

I normally don't post after a certain time of the day, but I had to get this out to the world ASAP! Last Saturday's roof top soiree' was a mothereffin' PROBLEM! And if you failed to get in THIS time, I can't call it man! We sent you a "save the date" flier, sent out a private invite on Facebook, BBM'd you an e-mail address ( to RSVP to, mass text message, ray ray ray, and you STILL managed to come late and get stuck just flights away from the action! #LAME! Please help me understand why after umphteen bangin' events, word of mouth buzz on the street, plus the follow up pics and videos, you think we playin' games? That's like showing up for gym with hard bottom shoes on! You gonna lose each and every time! You ignored all that till the day of and now you're stuck in the lobby steaming, all dressed up with no roof top party to go! SMGDH! I'm stressing this to say you (yet again) missed a joint that was sexy as f**k! The music, the food, the vibe, the LOOK...oh GAWD! Don't get it twisted Gary Grant packs 'em in all on his lonesome! But with that added push from our comrades (the Block Boys & the Journ3y Men) the turnout was on some other other level s**t! Word to Justin Bieber! And once that duck duck (Grey) Goose started flowing it was a fajita! Turban! Wet towel! I'm DONE! FINITO! But wait...there's more! Here's the video to help you drip dry that wack juice you soaking in! Wash yo face! Free speech! Oh, almost forgot to tell you (whispering) the W hotel is up NEXT! Yerrrr! RSVP all day!


Taj said...

lmao I like how they all thought you were taking pictures

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

It's the BEST way to get'em! (Evil laugh)

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