Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"When Awesoneness Turns To Epic!" -It's All Love, However..."F**k Yo Couch!

You Remember every summer that pasts it's at least ONE banger of a party that you praise the heavens for reminding you "Life is good?" Now let me ask you this, are you tired of going out to affairs where the crowd looks absolutely fabulous but act like it's a damn tea & biscuits soiree' even when the DJ is going "H.A.M." on the set? Now what if the two were married? A party where "the Beautiful Ones" didn't care about breaking a motherf**kin' sweat and still looked damn good doing it! We like to call that (say it with me now) "Sophisticated Ignorance" folks. That perfect pairing between glitz and gangster. "Gangster glam" and guess you can say. That moment where the music is SO right that them red bottoms start coming off, and those cuff linked shirts become unbuttoned and swung around in the air helicopter style! EXACTLY! Now allow me to introduce you to "F**k Yo Couch!" -a once a month event so focused on both the music and a great looking mix/vibe of invited people (like yourself) that it's bound to go international by next year...Trust! The future starts tomorrow...

(1st) Friday Aug 5th
the JOURN3Y MEN invite you to say
"F**k Yo Couch!" -Sophisticated Ignorance at it's BEST!
@the Livingroom -602 Pacific St. (betwn. Flatbush & 4th ave)
Rowdy 80's, 90's & now music powered by The Block Boys
(DJ Trauma, DJ Frei, & Danny Ocean)
Kitchen menu open all night!
Couch surfing is highly encouraged!
#FYC, #F**kYoCouch!, or #Sweatboxflow on Twitter

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