Monday, August 8, 2011

"Thought I'd Remind Ya!"-Watch The Throne Album Review, H.A.M Sandwich!

I decided I'll review the album from a different per-
spective this time around track for track with my favorite line(s) that are winners. Why? Cause quite frankly the $#it is DOPE! So if you was looking for a co-sign...GO COP IT! BONG! Review done. So now can I move on to the lyrics cause honestly this is what were here for huh? Right? Have a seat, put the kids to sleep and let's commence the review shall we?

"OTIS" -Safe to say this is the song of the summer ! Sorry Drake ("I'm On One"). When you hear the whole album in it's entirety
you'll completely understand why this made it as the first single. My favorite lines: Jay-Z - "...Looking like wealth, I'm about to call the paparazzi on myself..." Kanye-"I wrote Jesus Walks I'm never going to Hell.." or "...Sophisticated ignorance I write my curses in cursive..."

"GOTTA HAVE IT" -Hypnotic track that I just couldn't get past! TOO SHORT if you ask me, and I'm not talking bout the rapper either! How can you hate on a track where Kanye shouts out Nostrand Ave? Jay-Z & Kanye - "Ni**gas hate ballers these days, ain't that like LeBron James? Ain't that just like D-Wade?" and "I wish I could give you the feeling, I'm planking on a million..."

"ILLEST MOTHERF**KER ALIVE!" - A corny line like "...Staples in my dick cause I f**k so many centerfolds" only Kanye could make that work. Even HE laughs at the end of that line! "F**k your awards like Eddie Murphy's couch!" is Jay-Z's input I'm digging on this one.

"LIFT OFF!" -Not much rapping on this one so the winner by default is "Earth is boring too, $#it is making my dick soft" from Jay-Z LOVE the track ending after the countdown!

"MADE IN AMERICA" - 'Ye spits -"This ain't no fashion show, we LIVE it!' & "I'm rapping on them beats they was suppose to buy. I guess I'm getting high on my own supply" and Jay-Z retorts back "Our apple pie was supplied by Arm & Hammer..." and "No papa, Bad Santa, the streets raised me pardon my bad manners..." rounds out the few lines I like on this one.

"Murder To Excellence" - Jay -Z goes -"I'm giving you respect you I expect the same thing..." plus "I'm out here celebrating my post demise" & Kanye says- "Shop class, EVERYONE got a tool" & "Time for us to redefine Black Power. 41 black souls killed in an hour." is his contribution to the "Murder" half of this song. On "Excellence" Jay goes in saying "No cheap colonge, whenever I shhhttt shhhhttt, success never smell so sweet!" "Domino! Domino! Only SPOT a few blacks the higher I go.." DOPE! Mr. West comes back with "When you picture events called black ties, what's the last thing you expect to see? Black guys!" NICE!

"NEW DAY!" - This track sounds real Dilla-ish to me for some reason. Kanye spits a zinger stab at Amber Rose with lines like "...And I never ever let 'em hit a strip club, I learn the hard way that's not a place to find love" Jay-Z tells his future seeds "Sorry junior, I already ruined ya, you ain't even alive paparazzi pursuing ya.." Deep ish fellas!

"NI**AS IN PARIS" - LOVE the sample line "I don't know WHAT that even means! No one knows what it means, but it's provocative?" But the winner her lyrically are Jay's line "If you escaped like I escape you'd be in Paris getting f**ked up too!" 'Ye replies "Bougie girl grab her hand, F**K the bitch she don't wanna dance. Excuse my French but I'm in France!"

"NO CHURCH IN THE WILD!" -I need a remix w/ just Frank Ocean on this one! Fa real! But "Think about the girl in all leopard, who was rubbing the wood Kiki Shepard!" And "We formed a NEW religion no sins if there's permission..." Kanye says convincingly!

"PRIMETIME" -Lines like "NEW money I found the fountain of youth!" "DAMN Yeezy why they all gotta be dimes? Adam gave up a rib, so mine better be prime!" are arrogance at its BEST!

"WHO GON STOP ME?" -"You heard Yezzy was racist? Will I guess it's somewhat basis, I only like green faces...", "I went through Hell I'm expecting Heaven!" are sure to be SOMEBODY'S Facebook status soon I see it now!

"WHY I LOVE YOU" - Jay-Z goes H.A.M w/ "F**K you squares that why the circle got smaller!", "I'm I my brother's keeper? As long as a ni**ga don't creep up!" "Me or the money, what are you loyal to?" are the stand outs on this track. But it honestly fire all the ways through.

Too bad Soul Train is no longer on I would've LOVED to see these two on Sat morning w/ Don C. performing these tracks "live"

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Good review.. yes it's a Classic. DOWNLOAD the Deluxe annnnnd COP it on FRIDAY! YUP!
~Gypsi King

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