Friday, August 5, 2011

"I Got That Sticky Icky!" -Spidey Goes Black & I Ain't Talking Bout His Costume Folks!

Yep you read it right, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is from the 'hood now! Brooklyn to be exact! In a retelling of Spiderman's origin, Marvel's new direction after the death of Peter Parker was to pass the touch to a half Black half Hispanic teen named Miles. I applaud the move being that ALL races should view a hero as just that...a HERO! Not base it on skin color. So after a Black President (the leader of the free world) why can't the most recognizable superhero (next to Superman & Batman) be a person of color? I say f**k it why not? I just pray the writers keep it tasteful. No "Yo son, whenever I wear the suit chicks be on my WEB!" and none of that "Hey shorty, You know I swing both ways right? Uptown & downtown...Holla!" Or corny lines like "I'm off the wall like MJ baby!" Now let's see how long it takes Hollywood to cast a BLACK ACTOR as Spiderman. Even switch it up and have a black nerd from the South bit by a radioactive mosquito (in NYC it would probably be a bed bug)! Oh yeah I forgot, it HAS to be a spider right. DUH!

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