Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Top Of The World Baby!" -the Block Association's 2nd Anniversary / July 4th Roof Top BBQ Jump-Off Extravaganza!!!

I'm not here to rub stuff in yo face, but if you DIDN'T make it upstairs to our very first roof top party for or 2nd Anniversary then let me tell you man, YOU BLEW IT!!! It was EVERYTHING folks expected to be but little did folks know it was the party that almost wasn't! True story, gather round kids and listen closely. Ok a while back before July even came round L.A. (Lyshaan Hall), Ngozi (Odita), DJ Trauma, and I were all scouting for spaces in Brooklyn to host our 2nd Annual July 4th anniversary party but was coming up short. To the rescue comes Patty Laurent that put me on to a rooftop space in the city (Rare View) that I attended a while ago and struck up a deal w/ management to book that Monday the 4th. But was told "Urban" (IE "black") parties were kinda frowned upon here, but he was willing to give us a try. However phone call after phone call, meeting after meeting, dude was giving me the "hide and seek, duck duck goose" routine and the clock was ticking! So by divine chance I happen to come across a vague e-mail from an associate suggesting I contact her for a possible lucrative venture. And low and behold a client of hers (she does hair btw) owned a FREAKIN' ROOF TOP! SWEET! You do see where this is going right? Ok so BONG! We meet and agree to collabo on the night to ensure all our people have the most memorable holiday possible and within a few days left till the 4th "Touch the Sky" was ON AND POPPIN'! However due to the fact that we were sharing the space AND the building was occupied with tenants now, the invite was to be PRIVATE! But thanks to the good ol' Internet, Facebook, word of mouth buzz, etc. It got NUTSZILLA! So if I didn't see you, I'm glad you came...BEST ONE YET!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice video. Once again Mr. "M" you have outdone yourself with the male eye candy. To many cuties to call out on this one.

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