Friday, July 15, 2011

"You're Geekin' Me Out!" -Dope Updates On Movie Greats

Hey Harry (Potter) I know you gonna break all types of box-office records an all this weekend but truth be told I'm already on to the next one with these HIGHLY anticipated movies lined up coming out. Now don't get it twisted I respect your long fruitful 11 movie run and all but THESE joints below are more my speed. Besides I NEVER read one single book, but again I respect your "Star Wars like" hustle bro. Funny thing about all this is Warner Bros. ownes ALL these joints anyways, so it's a WIN WIN for them no matter HOW you look at it. And for those living under a rock for all of 2000's I'm speaking of the last(?) Nolan version of Batman, the sequel to Sherlock Holmes, and OF COURSE the next J.R. Tolkien Hobbit joints (the original J.R. Rowling). Just look at these posters makes me wanna "geek the f**k out!"

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