Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Guard Ya Grill!" -the Startin' 5's BBQ Video Replay Suckers!

Last Saturday I was making plans to attend that Pimps of Joytime/Navagante joint that went down at Brooklyn Bowl. HOWEVER the G train was acting like a BI**H so plan B was the next course of action. Which SHOULD'VE been plan A for the jump! Let's me rewind a bit. About a week ago my boy Jay (Jason Smith) hit me on Twitter about posting an invite to his annual StartIn' 5 BBQ event he has (who know? obviously not me) every year. And me knowing how hungry/thirsty folks get around summer time in search of that next poppin' BBQ, I warned him "You SURE you want me to do that kid!?!" Well long story short it was Planters cashew NUTS in there! And here's the footage to back it up! Start it UP! LOL

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