Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Ka-F**kin' Boom Baby!" -Black Dynamite Gets 'Tooned On August 8th, Can Ya Dig It?

Yo did you ever get a chance to peep this flick Black Dynamite? I'm not into comedies (I usually see the joke coming) but something about it being a parody of those '70 flicks peaked my interest. And I must say it ROCKED man! Funny how just the other day @pleasedontstare, @djtraumanyc, @myounglao, and myself (@theMreporter) were all going back and forth on Twitter, with memorable lines from this joint, and now I'm hearing that they're making this into CARTOON!!! I KNOW this definitely is NOT coming on early Saturday mornings! LMAO! I beg of you, go rent...f**k that, go BUY the DVD it's truly an underground classic!

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