Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Drop A Bomb To That" -New Hovie & Yeezy "OTIS" Watch The Throne Single Is Out!

Just yesterday I posted a sarcastic rant about how these two cats had fans holding there breath waiting in vain like (Bob) Marley for them to drop SOMETHING sonically from their highly anticipated collabo release "Watch The Throne" (not to be confused with "Game of Thrones" on HBO). And low and behold I hear this track "OTIS" (produced by K.West) that has them going back and forth lyrically like an Olympic level ping pong match...Chinese players of course! Listening to it I can't help but think of that Kanye line from "Touch The Sky" where Ye says "Jay's favorite line: Dog, in due time. Now he look at me, like, Damn dog, you where I am!" And look he's made a whole album rapping along side his idol! Now THAT'S a MF'ing come up If I saw one, right?!? BTW peep the screaming at the end of the song, I'd sware it's Kanye SO excited that this is FINALLY happening! LOL

"OTIS"-Jay-Z & Kanye West

"Try A Little Tenderness" -Otis Redding

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