Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Come back Nikki! Come Back..." -NBA Draft Party Held At Nikki Beach

Okay so like maybe say 3 weeks ago I was personally requested to come attend an NBA draft party event over at the Miami themed spot Nikki Beach (Midtown) hosted weekly by the Collective. Which BTW was a venue called VUE at one time that I myself threw a Sunday weekly event there some years ago. But anyways, back to this. So I call up the gang and we ALL decided that's a perfect night to come out to peep the scene. We could support the Block's own DJ Trauma, & at the same time talk about all the "high-end" NBA groupies that come out to get rookie love! Besides, I had to be there to film either way right? The event ran from 9pm-4am so you can just imagine all the footage I shot! So much so, that I was able to make not one but TWO videos from all the B-roll/cutting room flr. stuff (that's director talk). Well after weeks of beating 'round the bush, I FINALLY had a night of "nothingness" where I could find the time to edit the shots. I ALWAYS start with the music selection to get inspiration, and then edit shots around the lyrics...pay close attention!

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