Thursday, July 28, 2011

"America The Beautiful!" -Captain America Review

I must admit, I was NOT excited in the lest bit to hear about this movie coming out. Not that I'm not a Captain American fan or anti-patriotic all together, it's just that I was STILL shell-shocked from the last attempt at a Capt. America movie years ago. However just like I did with the X-Men First Class movie early this summer, I just went with an open mind and plus it was getting good reviews. So here goes mine. First what worked for me; The intro finding his shield encased in ice was dope and a great nod to the comic book origin of how he was found after all those years. Next, the skinny kid from Brooklyn turned muscle bound international hero was genuine. It made you wanna root for ol' Cap before he was even given the super serum. Also the tone and the WWII setting was the right choice to tell the story. Throwing him in a modern environment would have seemed forced. The director give great clues to the history of both Capt. America and (Iron Man's father) Howard Stark's involvement with weapon development and winning the war. Also dope was the respect paid to the original costume, Cap's sidekick "Bucky" and the Red Skull's look...awesome! Cannot complain about any of those things! But what I will complain about are these. I never felt Cap was in any real sense of danger throughout the movie. And as great as the Red Skull looked his line weren't classic villainy at it's best. I would've been dope to me if they took "Inglorious Bastards" meets "Indiana Jones" w/ Capt. America as the main hero! Now that's a movie! What Cap's real challenge was was defeating Harry Potter at the box office. Now THAT was impressive! Oh yeah, and the Avengers after credit teaser at the very end! I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 M's

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Chaz said...

Good review. Glad to hear I wasn't the only person who had a feeling of trepidation going into the film after the 1990 Captain America movie. #NeverAgain

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