Monday, July 11, 2011

"Internet Killed The Radio Star!" -New Tracks To Groove To; NaS, Cee-Lo, & Frank Ocean

I think is SO crazy how at one time I used to stay up late posted up by the radio, half sleep half woke, finger in position to hit play/record at the first hint of a new song being played! Now with this ol' Internet invention I simply just cruise around my favorite music sites/blogs, or just type in the title of a new song by the artist I'm digging and BONG! It's in my playlist in a matter of seconds!!! Now I'm not mad at change it's just that the excitement of first hearing a track and then the hunt to get a clean, no DJ voice over version is forever LOST. But enough abut me being an old man, I'm joining the wave and putting you on to some new joints out that I'm personally digging right now via that SAME internet thingy.

"Dreamkilla"-FRANK OCEAN

"Bridges"-CEE-LO GREEN

"Ghetto Dreams"- NAS Ft. COMMON

"Nasty" -NAS

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