Monday, July 18, 2011

"Speech! First Of All I Wanna Thank My Connect..." -Come Join Us & Give A Toast To The A**Holes (the Block Boys)

Ok, so ya boy (that would be me, the Minority Report
/Danny Ocean
) & my team (the Block Association) are FINALLY getting recognized by our peers for the "grind" that we put in on a daily basis within the small, yet creative, community that we socialize in. Sooo been that it's NOT every day that we get honored, we decided to turn it into a BIG celebration! Oh and I'm inviting YOU to join in the celebration right along with us...
Get dressed cause, we're going out then we're going IN!

Monday July 18th,
the Influence Series 3.0
Tribeca Grand Hotel -2 Avenue of Americas
Our arrival time 8pm
& Departure 10:30

Hosted by the Block Association
Sounds by DJ CEO, the Ahficionados, & DJ Trauma
Atmosphere Directed by Team Mancini Lifestyle & DJ CEO
Custom Cocktails by Jackson
GUYS: We're doing the Reservoir Dogs look (hence the pic) if you wanna keep in step with us! Blk pants, white shirt, blk tie, simple.

After party/late dinner/photo shoot at BEAUTY & ESSEX -146 Essex betwn Rivington and Orchard St.

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