Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Men In Black!" -The Block Boys On A #HotelFlow Tour!

So about two Mondays ago the Block Boys (the Block Association men) invaded the Influence Series (3.0) curated by Mike Mancini & DJ CEO hosted at the TriBeca Grand Hotel on Mondays. So if you know ANYTHING about the Block one thing for sure is that we like to do things BIG! A CC e-mail floated around about our look for the night, and the "Reservoir Dogs" look came up the clear winner (I was rooting for that anyways). The occasion was that this very blog and myself were being honored for being a staple in our social circle, so damn near the WHOLE team (Frei, Carlito, Che Davis, Cory, Keith Major, Silky Valente' and DJ Trauma *not pictured) & extended family and friends came out to support the cause. After the celebration we moved the whole bloodclot squad over to Beauty & Essex for a late night bite and more laughs, and an extended b'day party for our newest homegirl Danielle Chase!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"