Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Why Kick Rocks, When You Can Kick Balls!" -BK Fit Brings Back A Childhood Favorite Pastime

Okay WHAT is going ON people?!? First the guys in the Block Association form a seniors B-ball league with the private ambulance on deck. Then this past week I get a text/Facebook invite to meet in the park for a game of KICK-BALL (?) by the (seldom seen, often heard) female member of the Block Association, Ngozi Odita!!! Honestly my first reaction was like "WHAAA, good luck on that one!" But when Saturday morning rolled around and I was still amp'd up from all the Red Bull and Henny from Luke's Place that previous night, I was like "Hey I'm up already, and I'm dying to see WHO else was taking the BK Fit challenge!" So I hopped on my BK "Baby Boy" cruiser and got to the meet-up location about a half hour after the set time and was greeted by not 5, not 10, not 20, but ummm try 3 folks! Ngozi being one of that three (LOL). But as we entered the park, with some (well ALOT) of LOUD coaxing (mainly from yours truly) a few reluctant folks decided to "kick it" with us. You get it? "Kick it" with us...Kick-Ball...(pun intended). Anyways I pitched in and was the pitcher (you got that pun too), and the day turned out pretty FUN for all involved! Especially Ngozi! Oh BTW Ngozi, what the hell was up with all that EVERY FREAKIN' base? Even "4th base" (inside joke) WTF?!?

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