Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Hold Up! Wait A Minute!" -Any Given Sundae On Pause, So Put Down Your Forks!

Grave news folks! Our uber Sunday brunch soiree' "Any Given Sundae" (that WAS set to launch this Sunday July 31st) will be delayed sorta like how "Watch The Throne" was however like pre-sales you can STILL RSVP here on Facebook, so you'll be the very first to know the official official kick off date! Word is the chef (& NO that's not him pictured) is still working on a few signature dishes to perfection to set the menu apart from these other lame-o brunches just trying to get you drunk on the Lord's rest day. LMAO SoCo wants your experience to be the great FOOD that soaks up all that liquor that keeps you coming back! Yet they DO have a rather tasty sangria & apple crumb Mimosa. I hope that that's NOT the chicken (pictured) that they plan on serving with the red velvet waffles that they have over there!!! PLEASE we're asking for your patience, we're waiting to make this happen just like you! If you ever pass by SoCo ask them "Where's the brunch?"

Truely yours,

On behalf of Mike Mancini, MIH Ventures, DJ CEO, & the entire Block Association family..

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