Monday, July 11, 2011

"Rock'em, Sock'em Robots!" -Transformers 3 Review

Yeah I finally gave in and joined the rest of the WORLD it seems (based on the box office returns) and decided to see the latest edition to the iconic childhood film rendition of Transformers (3). The first one I saw as an in flight movie. The second I'm embarrassed to say I paid for. And this current one I gave into peer/media pressure and gave it the benefit of the doubt. But as I learned in life "No one benefits for doubt!" Now though I felt this was NOT terrible, however I did feel like I lost some brain cells on this third go round. But hey, what did I expect from a Micheal Bey summer movie? The King's Speech?!? The dialog will leave you scratching your head but the action scenes more than make up for the first grade play like script. AND the use of 3-D was some of the BEST I've seen so far from a movie using the technology yet. While sitting in the theater I couldn't help but to think of past Bey movies ESPECIALLY the Bad Boys films and thought if you just replaced Smith & Lawrence with the Transformers and threw in camera angles and lens flares from that Armageddon movie then BONG! You pretty much have you a Transformers movie! Am I right? Yeah right? This is 3 1/2 M's out of 5 tops!

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