Monday, July 26, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.213.1)

Okay so early on in the week I get this email about this dope Hugo Boss presented roof top event/concert featuring two of many favorite musical acts (Janelle Monae & Robin Thicke) are to perform at. The event fell on a Thurs. and I had yet to get a confirmation notice back (don't you hate that) saying I was good at the door. So what do I do? I show up ANYWAY! Frustrated that I had missed most of the Bilal concert earlier that day at Metrotech. I was DAMNED if was to miss this one too! 7:00pm was the start time so I was there at 6:30 sharp to avoid ANYTHING that resembled a line. Security was disorganized, so no one even bothered to check to see if my name was even on ANY list at all. And to make matters even sweeter, who but MARTHA freakin' STEWART gets off the elevator and starts a convo w/ me! Asking something like "Are you going to that event upstairs?" Me star stuck for I sec was like "Yep, sure am! You should come." She was all like "I wanna go but I'm SO tired, but enjoy Son!" I was like "Son?" So Martha is hood now? It was at time spent in jail...or maybe it was just an old woman saying. Who knows huh? Either way I was in and got a glass of Belvedere w/Red Bull from the open bar to celebrate. NICE! I like a dummy forgetting it IS a Hugo Boss event was a lil' "under dressed" but eff it I was there already so I'll get over the stares after throwing back a couple of "Dere's & Bull" Well here's the first half (yeah I took a bunch) of the flicks I took trying to capture as much of the events essence as possible cause I KNOW you which you was there! Enjoy suckers! Martha says "HI!"

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