Monday, July 26, 2010

"Eureka? Nah Man, I Said I'm Going To COSTA Rica"- Taking A Pause For The Cause

After that SUPER Anniversary party at Room Service last Friday, It was perfect timing to take a lil' vaca. So basically I'm saying that for about a week or so I'll be away, but I left you with a few new posts so you'll understand why I'll be missed. Behave yourself while I'm away, and NO wild parties while I'm gone OK? Or any strange boys in the house. Make sure to walk the dog, and check the mailbox from time to time. Love ya and see you as soon as I get back. In the meantime feel free to drop in on the crew at Room Service THIS FRIDAY (July 30th) and do it up BIG for me. 'Kay? I'll be sure to write you every single day and take tons of flicks. ONE!

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