Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"My Team, My Dream" -Meet The Faces Of The New Brooklyn Cool, The Block Rocks

"Allow me to re-introduce myself..." -Jay-Z

Sometime last year around now I had a vision of uniting the different social sets of Brooklyn to create a movement never seen in the borough before. And to accomplice that, it took getting together the personalities that represent the various dynamic circles. You have "Ghetto fab Brooklyn", "Hipster Brooklyn", "Afro-centric Brooklyn", & "Bougie (Bourgeois) BK", all living in the SAME neighborhoods now! We party to the SAME music, but only in different environments. All that has somewhat changed now. The Block Association is the movement to help make folks proud to be from Brooklyn AGAIN! But this time it's NOT from a celebrity aspect why, it's from it's people...YOU! This weekend beginning with the monumental turnout for the Target's 1st Saturday event at the Brooklyn Museum and then the Block Anniversary party in DUMBO. Both made me feel all that we've been working towards is coming sooner then we thought...And this is just in ONE YEAR! I grew up down the block from the Brooklyn staple (the Brooklyn Museum), so it was a bit of a "homecoming" for me, then to see a sea of 3,500-4,000 plus folks of all nationalities singing TOGETHER hands raised high, gave ME a high! Beautiful Brooklyn, we LOVE you! THANKS for loving us back! Now meet the players...

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