Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Thumbs The Word!" -My Must See Movie List

I LOOOOVVVVEE movies man! But if these ticket prices get any higher, I'm saving up to open my OWN bootleg theater! I'm thinking of calling it "the Butter Room" (thoughts?). Anyways as the average movie date turns out to cost the price of a Mr. Chow's dinner, I've become even MORE selective with the movies that I go see ("Step It Up 3D?" WTF). So with that being said, if I'm going to plunk down damn near $40 bones to stare at a big ass TV screen, in a dark room full of strangers, just cause the girl I'm dating other plans bailed on her, so I'm now "Plan C", it BETTER be worth my freakin' money/time. That's why trailers have come in SO handy. Some say TOO much, so say TOO little, then some ACTUALLY work the way that they suppose to! Which is get you excited about spending even MORE money to see something else besides what you're watching right now...GANGSTA! BTW save tons of money on 3D by simply SITTING CLOSER to the screen! LOL! BTW I went and got ANOTHER job in a movie theater, just so I can have extra money to afford to go SEE a movie! That's how sad it's gotten. So these are my picks that I put into my budget and why;

First up is "CYRUS." Saw this one a few weeks back...freakin' hilarious! I was laughing within the first few minutes of the opening scenes. It's the new "honesty humor" that Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill (who co-stars in this too) have help ushered in. And NO I haven't seen "Get Him To The Greek" but this is a different type of funny altogether! I cried when it was over. No not cause it was sad, it was just that funny. Well at least to me. Hahahaha see I'm STILL laughing.

Next up is "Inception", which opens THIS Friday (July 16th). This one has Leo as the lead but that's nowhere near the reason I hyped to go see it. It's cause of Christopher Nolan, dude that directed "Dark Knight" man! He's done thrillers before but NEVER on this type of a budget AND it's Sci-Fi TOO! WHOA! Plus the concept is dope! Which is ideas are priceless so steal them! Imagine a company that hires someone to enter Steve Jobs mind, to steal whatever his latest project would be. Ah you get it now? Gangster right? Well that's the story line (or at least I think it is) to the plot of this movie. I'm hoping this one is good man, or my credibility will be shot! From the trailers you can see how Chris tries to reenact the feeling of being in some one's dreams. Where things happen randomly in our subconscious, and out of order. I'm crossing my fingers on this one, or oops another $21.50 down the drain. I'm warning you EARLY, gonna be late getting to (plug) Room Service this Friday, I'm telling you NOW! (plug again) RSVP names to theMreport@gmail.com if you wanna join me.

Heard that this one "Scott Pilgrim V.S. the World" is based on a graphic novel, but why I'm interested is that fact that Michael Cera ("Super Bad" & "Juno") & Edgar Wright (who directed "Shaun of the Dead") teamed up for this one! So it best be funny as Hell! I was laughing just watching the trailer (which is a rarity for me) so it's a good sign that this one may be GREAT! The background graphics sorts reminds me of "Zombieland" but it in a good way! One tix bought & sold already.

Then lastly ya boy (well MAN I should say now) is back for the finale chapter of the "Harry Potter (HP7)" film which will be split into two parts AND in 3D! Talk about raping you for all you got and milking the cow dry huh? Gotta say, I've NEVER picked up and read a single book. But I've definitely seen EVERY movie. And I'll be first to admit each one has gotten BETTER than the last one before it. The look, the emotional intensity, the character depth...everything! As Prince once sung "...Life is just a party and parties aren't meant to last." So farewell Harry you had a GREAT run.

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