Friday, July 16, 2010

"Get Into The Party Life" - Let Me Put You On To Game!

Look I gotta run before my boss comes back from his meeting so I'll make this brief so you'll know EXACTLY where to go for this weekend! It's some DOPE stuff going down that you'll be texting my THANKS about come Monday! Ready? Good let's get it!

Ok Friday (July 16th) We got that curiously looking Leo movie coming out by the Dark Knight director. The early reviews have been through the roof, so it's looking good so far. My tix are in hand already so more than likely I've have a review of my own for you on Monday!
Then the after party is going down at the second night of Room Service hosted by Patty Laurent, Nitro, Dan Smalls, and myself! I sent a text out earlier saying " Dress Grammy like NOT the Hip-Hop Honors" at got quite a few laughs back, but I'm DEAD ASS SERIOUS! It's FREE like 'frei till 12am (on list ONLY) reduced till 1am (on same list) RSVP names to NOW!

Then Saturday (July 17th) DON'T sleep in late, cause you'll be missing the big Beach Bash we have planned for the weekend out at Jones Beach, AND the big concert out in Central Park Summer Stage that Raphael Saadiq is performing at!

Sat. July 17th
"Beach Bash" -Summer Fun
12pm -6pm
Jones Beach - Central Mall Beach Fld 4
Parking - Fld 4
Directions - Reachable by all major highways ( google directions)
Public Transportation check -

Finally Sunday (July 18th) MIH is proud to announce that their annual BBQ located in Brooklyn biggest backyard, Prospect Park, is now a GO! So prepare to be WOWED by the massive turn out "Heatwave BBQ" (10.0) produces once again! Free food and drinks while supplies last. And plenty of good times to be had! This is ALWAYS a major staple of the Summer for the last TEN (!) yrs. strong and this one is building up to be the BIGGEST one yet to celebrate a decade!

Sunday July 18th NEW LOCATION!
"Heatwave 10.0
" -10th year
Prospect Park (Nethermead / Music Pagoda)

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