Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.212)

Ok so let me take the time out to use this post to kill two birds w/one stone. Now for 3 years in a row this blog (the very one you're on now) has been consistently keeping you abreast of places and people that are making the wheels of the world turn. And in doing so the Minority Report itself has become a major player in the game! Now the real date has past for the original start date but I put off doing the Anniversary till I found the RIGHT vibe & atmosphere to host it in and FINALLY Room Service on Fridays IS that spot. So you can say I'm "fashionably late" but none the less I invite you to join me (this Friday July 23rd) and my closest stylish comrades to celebrate 3 yrs STRONG! Lined up will be Dj Goldfinger, DJ Trauma w/the Ahficionados accompanied by a live drummer (Sticks & Stone) to help create yet another memorable night! Doors open at 10pm, food served till 2am, party rocks till 4am. Dress code is more "Grammys" than it is Hip-Hop Honors" so you understand clearer. Plus my fingers are crossed for a celebrity guest host (TBA) but regardless we're partying ANYWAYS! Also it'll be my "going away" party (no NOT jail fool, Costa Rica) so it's important to me to see your face before I'm off to teach 3rd world children how to blog & what it means to be from Brooklyn. LOL! So you need to be in the building simple RSVP full names + guest to theMreport@gmail.com subject: RSFridays to get the list. FREE till 12am (list ONLY) reduced till 1am (ladies on list ONLY). FYI come early so I remember you came before I get too "white boy wasted" And oh yeah, peep the "movie trailer" below for this Friday!

Friday July 23rd
Patty Laurent, Nitro, Al Dale & Dan Smalls present
"Fashionably Late" -the Minority Report 3rd
@ Room Service -35 E.21st St. betwn Park & B'way!
Music by DJs Goldfinger, Trauma,
& special guest the Ahficionados
w/live drummer & trumpeter "Sticks & Stone"
FREE admission till 12am (on list ONLY) reduced till 1am
(Ladies ONLY on list)
Dress "Grammy style NOT Hip-Hop Honors"
RSVP asap FULL names + # guest(s) to theMreport@gmail.com subject/RSFridays

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