Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"The Leak" -New Music That's Playlist Ready To Go!

Seems like lately a NEW song comes out from a current artist EVERY
! And before you can get too comfortable with the original, here comes the remix out a few freakin' days later making the NEW song OLD in a week's time! So to help you keep up with all that's going on, I listed some joints that are in heavy rotation in the iPod. BTW ya boy Rick Ross..."Ricky Rozay"..."the Fat Guy" (or whatever he calls himself these days), he's EVERYWHERE there's days man. He's getting on more remixes than Drake is! I'm shocked they haven't done a song together yet. Called the "Remix Boys" feat. Busta, Fab, Drake, Rick Ross, and T-Pain. LOL! Wait...that doesn't sound that bad after all. LMAO! Have a listen, let me know what you're feelin'.

Big Boi Feat. Rick Ross- "Shutterbug" (Remix)

Ne-Yo Feat. Rick Ross- "Champagne Life" (Remix)

Young Jeezy Feat. Drake- "Lose My Mind" (Remix)

Jazmine Sullivan- "Holding You Down"

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