Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.210)

"Been around the world and I, I, I..." -Lisa Stansfield

It's ONLY July dog, and it feel like I've been to TWO Summer's worth of events in such a short span of time! Besides doing my own Block Association related events! Sheesh! The reason I'm saying all this is that, below I've post a collective of pictures from outings that I've never gotten around to posting. Between working, having social life (on-line & off), eating (in & out), sexual activity, and of course SLEEP...who has the time? I guess me obviously cause FINALLY(!) I've posted "the best of what you've been missing" in pictures. Now like me walk you through what is what. If memory serves me right, here's the order of events in which the pictures are ordered. Take a LOOOOONGG lunch break buddy cause it's ALOT! LOL! The first two are from this Fela soundtrack release party at Brooklyn Bowl, the next 17 flicks after that are from a lil' "last minute" Celtics vs Lakers playoff get together we had at No.1 Front St. in DUMBO (after the Seaport/Drake fiasco), the following 17 pics after that are from that Soul of Brooklyn site launch party next to MoCada in Fort Greene. The 13 flicks up next are from my homie Ashley Wiggins Grad dinner party at C.O.L.O.U.R.S in SoHo. The 6 behind those were taken at some Steve Madden roof top/artist showcase thing. That had you on the line longer than the actual event lasted! Fail! Moving on, I got 27 shots from the Wynter Gordon showcase that never happened thanks to some sound troubles! Then there's 18 from the Big Boi album release joint at the Puma Social Club also at the Seaport. And lastly the rest are of that Dirty Debs jump-off (same night as the Big Boi thang) that kicked off last week at Delicatessen's downstairs lounge. WHEW! If you see someone you know in ANY of these pics, let'em know that they've been M reported! (Plug) Hope to see you guys on Friday @ Room Service (35 E. 21st bewtn Park & B'way) again (rsvp FREE on list till 12am then reduced till 1am!

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