Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Knock 'Em Out The Box Rick" -Teflon Don Review

So the Summer of 2010 is here and we're in one of the WORST droughts we've seen in a minute! And no, I'm NOT talking about the water reserve folks it's the music scene that's been dry lately. How is that it's the last few weeks in July and we have not ONE Summer Jam (not the Hot 97 concert dummy). You know that dance floor banger that even the bathroom attendant in the club start singing along with! Well that may all change today, cause Rick Ross's "magnum opus" Teflon Don is finally hitting the streets (not meaning bootleg). Right at the moment of writing this post, "B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)" seems to be our ONLY savior from musical boredom. and it's not even a quote unquote DANCE record! Crazy right? But it tis what it tis...which is DOPE! But let me slow down a bit and get back on course. Ro$$ is "Rick the Ruler" right now. Why? He gets what it means to be an ARTIST these days not just a RAPPER! Hip-Hop...sorry, Hip-POP is the TOP selling form of music right at this moment. In a time when album DON'T sell so with that being said, you as an artist NEEDS to be BIGGER than the genre. And this may be his "come up pence" with his latest release. Allow me explain further track for track...

"I'm Not A Star" -Hype track however, the hook is pretty lazy. But I'll give him a pass on this one.

"Free Mason"
feat. Jay-Z -the return of "gangster message rap" ala 2Pac style! I actually like Ricky's verse on here BETTER than Jay's! But the killer line of the whole song is "I said I was AMAZING, not A MASON..." Simple and and to the point.

"Tears Of Joy" feat. Cee-Lo Green -YO! This is my favorite track on the whole album (do we even say album any more?)! A great blend of message and music. Cee-lo was the perfect match-up from this soulful No ID track. The intro's kinda long winded, but most good movies are 2hrs plus right? Think B.I.G. on a Blueprint (the first one) track and THIS is it!

"Maybach Music III" feat. T.I., Erykah Badu, and Jadakiss -Now I don't smoke but the vibe on this one makes you wanna roll SOMETHING up! Each featured artist (key word) does the track justice. Ross plays the background like a true fan, then raps like he BELONGS among them. NICE!

"Live Fast Die Young"
feat. Kanye West -Eh?! This is basically a 'Ye track with more Ross verses than his to me. The track grew on me but so does warts. LOL! I was a bit disappointed in Mr. West's verse as well! Here you have one of the few lyrical rapper still around (meaning not dead or in jail) and you come w/this "Mickey Mouse" style of rap AFTER Rick spits fire? "Wake up Mr. West" indeed!

"Super High"
feat. Ne-Yo -When I first heard this single the beat reminded me of a Jay-Z first album track. And no wonder, none other than DJ Clark Kent produced the song, but that's not to say it's a BAD thing. I not a "single" man but I'm not mad at this all!

"No. 1" feat. Diddy & Trey Songz -This is another (annoying) hook I'll pass on! The song is listenable till freakin' Diddy decides to get on the track for NO good apparent reason! This must have been in Rick Ross's contract to have him on at LEAST one track! Diddy...Oh no he didn't!

"M.C. Hammer" feat. Gucci Mane -Ear wax melter! Piping hot fresh out the brick oven heat! Another club riot starter right here! My ONLY beef with this song? What in the is Moms MableyGucci Mane (!) rapping on this? Or why is he even rapping PERIOD! He ruins a perfect good song, a good day, a good night...whatever's GOOD! Except a good BYE! Gucci's the new Master P w/ worse flow, if that's even possible! "Hammer" that nail in the coffin dawg!

"B.M.F." feat. Styles P - GREATNESS! Straight up. But Styles P? Really? Jada put you up to this? PLEASE send me the link w/ the same track w/out him on it! I'm DEAD SERIOUS too.

"Aston Martin Music" feat. Drake and Chrisette Michelle -Another classy laid back joint which sounds like a recycled Drake track but I still dig it none the lesser. Watch some one release a song called "Honda Civic Music" with some bump bass s#@t on it! LOL! Which by the way doesn't sound too too bad (hmmm, as I rub chin).

"All The Money In The World" feat. Raphael Saadiq -Now WHO would of thought this one? I guess they did huh? Unexpectedly great finishing touch to a mostly well rounded (ummm) album. Kudos to Ro$$, he lets Saadiq do the shining on this one, and shine he does!

Overall Rick Ro$$ has a CLASSIC on his hands! It may not be a all-time classic, but I think classic Hip-Hop is fine enough for him. Who know it would be "Fat Man" not Batman to be a Summer block buster hit? Knock 'em out Rick!


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