Friday, July 23, 2010

"Heat Wave, And Wave And Wave And Wave..." -MIH's Heatwave Returns 10.0

So sorry about the delayed posting on this one but to be quite honest I REALLY didn't take HALF as many picture as I wanted to! For reasons WHY (please reference the last two photos below w/ Absolut Brooklyn). So knowing a had only a few shots I thought, "What's the rush right?" Well Instead of them wasting away taking up disk space on my hard drive I may as well share 'em with you so....Without further adu here's a (poor represented) idea of the Heatwave 10.0 you COULD NOT have missed! Once again sorry of the lack of pictures but HEY! I like getting drunk too ya know! Had to been at LEAST 3,000 plus EASY! FYI MIH Ventures (the guys that put this event on) & the Block Association maybe teaming up to change the way you enjoy the summer FOREVER! Shhhhh!!! We'll let you know for sure in a minute.

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