Friday, July 9, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.208)

People are starting to talking...and it's a GOOD thing! Look I'm not gonna write to much on this one, I'll simply let you read what "the people" were twitting about on Twitter during AND after the historical turnout attendance at the Brooklyn Museum Target's 1st Saturday dance party the Block Association hosted Sat.July 3rd Thanks to Society HAE. Please save the applauds for later. THANK YOU for the best time this Summer so far! And see you tonight @ Room Service's (35 E.21st St. betwn. Park & B'way) GRAND OPENING Friday Night Party hosted by Patty Laurent, Nitro & yours truely. (RSVP

Now read who said what:

maudiepooh (@maudiepooh)
"The BK museum was off the hook!! Dancing outside to 80's classics!"

NYCStyleSpot (@NYCStyleSpot)
"The event at the BK museum was awesome! So. Much fun!"

cscottard (@cscottard)
"The BK museum party was live.... Lovin NY right now!"

missquandiva (@missquandiva)
"I was there! Party Dun! RT @Shyvonne: BK museum is crazyyy packed, reallllly looks like eastern parkway in here"

keiopensdoors (@keiopensdoors)
"BK museum was a zoo. They should rename it..."

PrincessDamali (@PrincessDamali)
"Great way to kick off the holiday weekend! BK style @ Museum w/ my sisters,aah summer is here"

LoveLiveAzsa (@LoveLiveAzsa)
"Who WASNT at BK Museum tonight?? You fail.

davethedon (@davethedon)
"I didn't know how crazy bk museum get ... Its kinda live"

Shanon_Stan (@Shanon_Stan)
"1st Saturdays @ Bk Museum is definitely the place to be. Everyone looks so beautiful in this setting. Good times!"

TSquared83 (@TSquared83)
"I just told my friend the same thing! the entirety of bklyn is at the Brooklyn museum tonight."

DGMEmpress (@DGMEmpress)
"Very nice We rockin the middle of the crowd Bklyn Museum is ROCKIN'!!! 2k people all moving to my style of groove!!! NICE!!!"

StephDio (@StephDio)
"1st saturday @ Brooklyn museum last night, amazing. good music & good lookin pp"

LRod82 (@LRod82)
"Smh lol RT @thirdletterc: that was the best museum i ever been to lol #BROOKLYN!!"

dahkillah (@dahkillah)
"I have NEVER. EVER. Seen this many people at Brooklyn Museum. EVER!!!"

A__B_I (@A__B_I)
"BROOKLYN MUSEUM!! crazy! Sooo many ppl, classic tunes.. GREAT TIMES!!"

AlmostKeanna (@AlmostKeanna)
"@ the brooklyn museum for 1st saturdays n its stoopid I mean like superjam summerfest stoopid!!"

professionalk (@professionalk)
"Brooklyn museum was absolutely insane."

JustSherman (@JustSherman)
"First Sat @ Brooklyn Museum is like coronation Market on a Saturday morning, Ram Pack!"

rainydaze86 (@rainydaze86)
"First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum was crazy fun, but so damn crowded. Pretty sure half of Brooklyn is there right now."

kateyrich (@kateyrich)
"Brooklyn Museum dance party like a giant wedding reception in a parking lot. So many ages, cultures, races, dancing like crazy."

SugarFree_Kidd (@SugarFree_Kidd)
"...BK Museum was dope. Love you Brooklyn, you always show me a good time..."

kiarapesante (@kiarapesante)
"Seriously. If I get ONE more text/call about being in Brooklyn tonight... particularly at the museum... I'm gonna cry."

RusAzal (@RusAzal)
"Brooklyn Museum = Brooklyn Woodstock"

CarmenLatrice (@CarmenLatrice)
"The Brooklyn Museum is the dopest of all scenes at this very moment!!!"

iamdudnie (@iamdudnie)
"Ok that's it. Next brooklyn museum jumpoff I'm in there. My ENTIRE timeline is tweetin' from inside that mug. What is goin on in there???"

ToyaBanxxx (@ToyaBanxxx)
"Brooklyn museum is ram wtf!!!"

missjantoinette (@missjantoinette)
"Brooklyn Museum is bananas right now. 1st Saturdays! 1000's of pp"

stevenstorms (@stevenstorms)
"Dancing in the parking lot of the Brooklyn museum, aka heaven on earth"

CarmenLatrice (@CarmenLatrice)
"Are you at the Brooklyn Museum for 1st Saturdays? If not, come...Immediately!"

MariaMishka (@MariaMishka)
"Power out at the Brooklyn Museum. No music but Brooklyn keeps the party going."

leebovel (@leebovel)
"Brooklyn Museum doesn't mess around when they say "dance party." It's a frickin' block party!"

crimsonkiss51 (@crimsonkiss51)
"Ok I think I just feel in love... @ BK museum and this DJ is everything. Soo who I wanna have chocolate babies wit!!"

ITGrlLisaSimone (@ITGrlLisaSimone)
"So bk museum is super cute right now..."

_ItsJusMe_ (@_ItsJusMe_)
"The backyard BK Museum is POPPINGTON!!!!"

JSharpePR (@JSharpePR)
"I love my boro! BK Museum is bubbling big time tonight. I live for fly first saturdays!"

ms_evans (@ms_evans)
"BK museum first saturday. 80s music. Incredible."

kpent (@kpent)
"BK Museum #FirstSaturdays: hipsters NOT welcome. This place is a buppie zoo... WE TAKIN BK BACK!! ;)

"Damn! Shoulda twitpiced tha crowd @ tha bk museum , was nuts! Bk u make me proud"

PhotosByRome (@PhotosByRome)
"Damn! At BK Museum for First Saturdays. Quite possibly biggest party I've ever been to. And its poppin!"

TheONLYValMac (@TheONLYValMac)
"This party at BK Museum is insaaaannnee!"

DirtyDebsNYC (@DirtyDebsNYC)
"Rephrasing my question.. Who ISNT at the BK Museum?! sucks for U #beautifulpeopleeverywhere"

the Block Association anthem just push play!

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