Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Get Into The Party Life" -What's REALLY Kraken This Weekend!

Well GOT DAMN! It's seems as SOON as the weather get's right it seems things do it start poppin' up! This weekend is going to be a HUGE one! 70 plus weather, sunny skies, loose get the point. Well anyways here's a rundown of what's poppin' & lockin' for the next few days. Grab a pen real quick.

Fri. April 2nd
Friday (or Thurs. @ midnight) the much hyped about remake of Clash of the Titans (in 3-D) is being released. I was a cult fan of the original film, even as cheesy as it was. Favorite line of course is "Release the Kraken!" (that's what she said) Check your local theaters for times and locations.

If hopefully you've pre-ordered then Friday you SHOULD now (if Apple got it right) be the proud owner of a brand spanking new iPad! And I'm SO jealous of you...till the second gen one is dropped (along with the price) like three weeks later! Lol!

Then there's the NY Inter
national Annual Auto
show that comes to town EVERY Easter weekend to the Jacob Javits Center. Which I USED to enjoy going to till the prices got too high, and too crowded, and I'm NOT looking to buy ANYWAY sooo...Ummm that's that!

Sat. April 3rd, BOOM! Ya got the 1st Saturday's event that Target throws at the Brooklyn Museum EVERY month in the museum's Rotunda. Not too sure what the theme is this month, but it's a cool hang out people watching vibe anyways. Plus s#*t...It's FREE!

Target's 1st Saturday

Eastern Parkway near Washington Ave.

Then we're EVERYBODY headed to Saturday night? If you don't know then admit yourself to the nearest hospital, cause you're either deaf dumb or blind...or ALL three maybe. "the Fashion 500" is where it's at! Click to your right to figure things out for yourself dude!

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