Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Rock & Bowl Is The NEW R&B!" -Who You Rollin' With? Meet Me In A Dark Alley!

So okay, we've been warning you for like the past two months now, am I correct? Well let me tell it to you straight folks..."Rock & Bowl" is going to be something EPIC! We've FINALLY got the date (Sun. May 9th) set in stone and the Brooklyn based acts we wanted to present to you all for the sake of creating a NEW experience on Sundays! Trust me we realize that people don't wanna party hard ALL the time (neither do we) but we (we meaning the Block Association & friends) love bring good people together for GREAT times! Are we wrong for this? Anyways if all goes well our first night (crossing fingers) then you can plan ahead EVERY 2nd Sunday of each month to spend with us bowling and presenting new acts each time we're at Brooklyn Bowl. The 1st night is FREE on us (meeting admission only), so come roll wit me! Don't get gutter (bowling humor).

Here's a hint at the vibe we're looking to bring on our nights there: Live acts that are either FROM Brooklyn or have never played in Brooklyn (established artist + up & comers) / Block Head DJs (Frei, Dj Trauma, & the M report) / Movies playing on the 12 huge 60" flat screens / Theme nights (80's, 90's, pajama bowling, etc) / B'day party celebrations / & Special guest DJ sets / and sexy sexy casually well dressed folks such as yourself!

Above is invite version No.1 w/ Toni "Da Tiger" doing her best rocker pose. LOL! Photo by yours truely

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