Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"We Back On The Block!" -the Block Association Gets Their Close-Ups!

In preparation for our all inclusive "all things Block associated" blog, the Block Association spared NO expense and hired the "it" photographer of the moment Kwesi Abbensetts to do us the honor of taking our profile portraits, to be used with our bios on there. We had such a GREAT time during the shoot, that I just HAD to share some of the AWESOMENESS that came out of the day! As we were shooting a bright light went off over my head, so I changed the bulb and thought "Yo this would be a DOPE idea to do as a party right?!?" Not but two days later, I acquired a penthouse loft space and felt "This would be PERFECT to do here!" So long story short...We having a PRIVATE (invite ONLY) photo shoot to close out Black Fashion Month! Which will also double as the Pt.2 B'day bashment for Block member Lyshaan "L.A." Hall Sat. April 24th titled "Flashing Lights" 7pm-2am. Now don't feel a ways if you don't get an invite. Space is limited and we'll get back at you at a later date. But for now you can be jealous of these candid shots & peep ya man Kwesi's blog HERE!

Pictured below are the Block Association members (top to bottom)
Lyshaan "L.A." Hall, DJ Trauma, Deffrei "Free like 'Frei",
& Keith "We Major!"

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