Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Get Ya Money UP!" -Let The Celebration Begin! Happy B'day Mr. Hall...

Have you seen this man? If not, try looking up! He's probably 11,000 feet over your head, flying SOMEWHERE exotic, with a NICE foreign young lady, who's only 5 English speaking words are "Make love to me Mr. Hall" (well technically that's six, but who's really counting). Acadia tax man, head of the Stylistics Agency, co-founding member of the Block Association , accountant TO the accountants...He STAY collecting titles & numbers (he works well with numbers, just ask your girl)! Anyways point I was trying to make is, he's taking time from jet setting to celebrate his upcoming B'day state side...on the East coast...IN NYC this year. And would love for you to come witness in this once in a few experience. Humbly speaking. But never one to settle, it's NOT your average get together ya'll. Fashion photographer Kwesi Abbensetts has been hired to capture all fashionable attending guests that night. AND the Block Association has the honorable duty of hosting it! DJ Trauma "Your girl's favorite DJ" and Frei (of the Ahficionados) are handling the musical responsibility of making your ass move, so you know, WE WILL PARTY! The buzz is heavy on this, questions like "What car is he gonna show up in?" "Did I just see him clean his shoes with an Egyptian silk pocket square?" "He knows I was waiting for the bathroom, why this ni**er ain't flush?" These and many more questions will all be answered Saturday (April 24th). Just be there to ask! Fashion, penthouse, good music, liquor, & pictures be taken is a DEADLY combo! But if you're willing to dress up and take the risk then... subject / "Paparazzi"

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