Thursday, April 1, 2010

"All Dolled Up!" -Dressing The Part For "the Fashion 500" w/ Toni "Da Tiger" Renee

Realistically, how much time are you devoting to make sure your outfit is "red carpet ready?" Keep in mind when we say fashion we mean just that FASHION! In other words pull out your most unique, one-of-a kind, couture, I got this custom made, "ya'll ain't ready fo' this s#@t here!" dresses and outfits that you own. Think of it as a fashion show...but you only have ONE outfit to wear. Or better yet the "Kentucky Derby of Fashion" and you wanna be in that winner's circle! Well anyways, Here's a few pics I posted showing Toni's range of just where you can take it (if you have it in your closet like that)! Be as bold and daring as you please. Remember this is that outfit that may never see the light of day again, so we encourage you book a flight & "GET FLY!" people! "Life's a runway, walk it like Naomi" -the Minority Report

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