Friday, April 23, 2010

"Bowling For Hollars!" -Rockin' & Bowlin' With The Block Association

Before you "split" from work for the weekend, If you have some time to "spare" I just wanted to "strike" up a convo with you to info you how 'NANAS(!) Sunday May 9th (Momma's day) will be. Only two weekends away and already the RSVPs for this FREE admission & concert bowling party are piling up fast! I alone have at LEAST 4 b'day parties being celebrated during our (the Block Association) event, so I'm sure someone you know will be there partying right along with us! One evening, while going to stake the place out and take care of biz, the "kids" couldn't help but to book a lane and "warm up" for the pending competition looking to take our title! Ain't gon' happen bra! Team Block has bowlers with 180-200 averages, so shut it up if you talking that non-recyclable trash! You're doo-doo, and I ain't stepping in you! Remember Sun.May 9th is the date to bring you A-game to the alley. It's only a game, but we're not playing!

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