Thursday, April 1, 2010

"On The Next Block" -the Block Heads Get Shot Up!

"Well DAMN, is it REALLY that serious!" I know that's what you gotta be saying to yourself right about now. But to be honest with you, the "state of affairs" (pun intended) in regards to events in NYC NEEDS to be taking up a notch...don't you think so too? What's these pictures you ask? Well the Block Association got together (along w/ stylist Toni "Da Tiger" Renee & star tailor Beckenberg) to be immortalized on film by the great budding photographer Kwesi Abbensette aka "Spaceship George" in preparation for our forthcoming blog "Back On the Block" (or whatever the hell we decide the name will be). Every historical moment should be documented, and this is no different. Black Fashion Month will be recognized nationwide and we're the first to toss our hat into the ring to make it a "real thing" with "the Fashion 500" I saw the pics Kwesi took and let me tell you folks, they're a thing of beauty. Here's a glimpse of what I captured of him doing his thang. We were just happy to be a part folks. Wait...have YOU even gotten your tickets yet for Saturday? SMH.

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