Friday, April 23, 2010

"Last Night A DJ Saved My Night!" -Love Is Love When It Comes to Vinyl

TOMORROW the "I Love Vinyl" crew returns to home base @ Le Poisson Rouge for their ever growing popular vinyl ONLY affairs! If you've been attending then you understand the seriousness of this function.

Wax Poetics, Halcyon, and Fusicology

"I Love Vinyl!" -A monthly all-vinyl oasis.

$5 well drinks b4 11pm

the Dream Team:
-scribe (raw fusion)
-anthony khan the twilite tone (great weekend)
-jon oliver (underground awakening, evr)
-op! (suite 903/raw fusion)
-amir abdullah (kon&amir/wax poetics/bbe)
-ge-ology (female fun)

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