Monday, April 19, 2010

"My 15 Minutes Of Fame...Forever!" -Black Fashion Month Finale / Private Photo Shoot

Once again I wanna take the time to THANK everyone involved in helping the Block Association push for Black Fashion Month to get the recognition it rightfully deserves. Starting off first w/ Easter weekends Spring formal "the Fashion 500", which will become a yearly tradition. Then on to "Dig In" the social soiree for fashionably inclined (make-up artist, models, desingers, etc.). Now on finally to "Flashing Lights" which will be the finale of our celebrations for the month of April (Sat. 24th). What IS "Flashing Lights" you ask? Oh that's our private (invite ONLY W/RSVP) photo shoot dinner party at the Block's Manhattan penthouse located just a few steps away for Madison Square Garden! The night will double as pt.2 of Block member Lyshaan Hall's B'day as well. So let me explain exactly WHAT that means. Ok from 7pm on Fashion photog Kwesi Abbensetts will be shooting personal portraits of ALL invited guest in attendance. Admission is FREE (of course) however you DO have to pay ($10) every time you step in front of the camera with a different outfit on (3 outfits are the limit). So 1 outfit $10, 2 is $20 and so on, you get it right? Wear or bring one BLACK outfit if you have more than one choice. Cause the actual party will be shot plus the back drop is WHITE so dark colors would look best. 2 guests per invite is allowed IF they plan on getting their photos taken, if not then it would be best (due to space) for them to arrive during the party half of the night. Cash bar & limited food & FREE mimosas will be on hand case you were wondering. Ciroc is the sponsored liquor. Shooting will end around 11pm, then we'll be straight partying for the rest of the night! Music will be fashioned throughout the day by the Block Heads (the Ahficionados /DJ Frei, Soundproof Intl./DJ Trauma, & myself the M report). So you'll hear everything from N*E*R*D to nasty Nas! So...are you interested? Make haste to contact me at subject /Paparazzi.
Here's a preview of Kwesi's work H E R E!

Sat. April 24th
"Flashing Lights" -Private Photo Shoot Party
Lyshaan Hall's B'day Pt.2
Private Loft -(W. 30 betwn. 7th & 8th) 16th flr. PH
7pm-2am (?)
Music by the Block Heads
(Feat. DJ Trauma, Frei, the M Report, Silky Valente')
FREE admission w/ confirmed RSVP ONLY!
FREE limited mimosas or wine
Cash bar & Food
$10 per outfit 3 outfit limit per person
Wear at least one BLACK outfit out of choices
PLEASE RSVP NAME & # to confirm attendance & to get building address to, subject/Paparazzi

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