Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.193)

Now that I've recouped from Sat. ("the Fashion 500") the historic Black Fashion Month kick-off, I FINALLY got a minute to sit down and upload all the pics that I managed to somehow take during all the excitement going on. But before I get into all that, I wish Nadia Bellamy ANOTHER Happy B'day, and thank her for inviting me out Friday night to Tamboril to celebrate it with her. DJ Frei (the Ahficionados/the Block Assoc.) played a MEAN set, while "G-Ski" (Gina Jankowski) served up some of BK's MEANEST drinks! Block members DJ Trauma, Keith, L.A. and myself all stopped by to unwind before the big event. Well maybe not Keith...he was just winding. LOL! 12 hrs later it we were up and at 'em back down at No.1 Front St. doing what we do BEST! Exciting the mass with another GREAT Brooklyn based event to gather the most fashionable folks we know around the city. It got WAY too busy for me to focus on taking pics but what I DID take, from the looks of things folks was having a fabulous time! Each floor packed w/ well dressed attendees vibe out to the sounds of the M Report (me!), Soundproof Intl., the Ahficionados, and honorary Block member DJ Goldfinger (!), making folks sweat out their good Sunday clothes...on a Saturday! LOL! Thanks to all that helped make this thing real, and dressed the part. We apologize about all the barrage of e-mails & Facebook notices, twitter post and all but, it was just THAT SERIOUS! Now while I still have your attention write down & remember these 3 important dates on the Block Association calendar:

Friday April 9th
is "Dig In" -Fashionable dinner & dance mixer FREE @ Poppa's Place.
Sat. April 24th is "Flashing Lights" -Black Fashion Month finale photo shoot private party
Sun. May 9th is "Rock & Bowl" -concert w/ bowling dance party FREE @ Brooklyn Bowl
Now you are free to proceed to gaze at the pictures posted below...Enjoy!

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Sallomazing! said...

The last three photos are the best! lmao

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